Burger Street

1510 US-377, Roanoke, TX 76262, USA
Brad Korber
August 11, 2020

Flavor better than the rest. Seasoned fries, juicy big burgers. Should be more around!

A Flores
June 27, 2020

Why do you say your open until 11:00 PM and at 10:43 PM ignore me at the WINDOW??? Close at 10:45 or simply tell me your closed! If I owned this business, I’d be sad that your employees, are Turing away business at such a vital time when many businesses aren’t making it! I’ve had a long day too... A simple, “I’m sorry, we’re closed,” would suffice.

Josh Homer
October 30, 2019

I've been going to Burger Street since the week the first location opened. One of the two best local fast food burger joints, alongside Griff's. This location has an indoor seating section. The staff is very friendly, and the restaurant is clean. The food is top notch. My favorite is the bacon burger. The fries are legendary. The tots are good as well. Will definitely return.

Dolt Notes
January 15, 2020

Truly the best burger place that has ever been graced to mankind. I’d eat a #2 Double Meat Double Cheese with everything on it but mayonnaise and tomato combo meal with a large fries and medium Root Beer 3 meals a day every single day if I had the chance. If I were to be on Death Row, this would be the last meal I would eat. Every single time I take a bite of a Burger Street burger, I am filled with happiness. It’s like biting into pure, delicious and greasy love, like a hug for my mouth. And that’s just the burger. The fries are better than any establishment I have ever been to, with perfect curls you can’t get anywhere else but with an iron. If you are planning on going to Burger Street, do it. It is worth every penny I have ever spent. Any day with Burger Street is a great day. I would give a million stars if I could. The best burger in the entire fast food industry.

Amelia Dever
August 12, 2020

Just rude. Bad customer service. Our first time there and we just pulled off because the cashier got rude with us at the window because we misunderstood her at the drive thru speaker. She even stuck her fingers out at us and basically saying it was our fault she didn't get our order right. Guess we'll never know what the food taste like at this location (shrug)

Our Address

1510 US-377, Roanoke, TX 76262, USA

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