Cane Rosso

7328 Gaston Ave #100, Dallas, TX 75214, USA

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4.5 / 5

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Pizzeria specializing in wood-fired Neapolitan pies. plus Italian sandwiches, pastas & desserts.


Monday 3–6pm
Tuesday 3–6pm
Wednesday 3–6pm
Thursday 3–6pm
Friday 3–6pm

Cory Capps
July 20, 2021

So many times in my life I have had pizza. Or more correctly after this dining experience "pizza". I can say that comfortably because what I ate at Cane Rosso will leave a pizza shaped hole in my heart. I live in Kansas City and I will only have the memory of the worlds best pizza to take back with me. Every time I come back down to Dallas I know where I am going for pizza. Thank you guys for making Dallas awesome. This is, without a doubt, the best damn pizza I have ever had.

Greg R
December 20, 2021

Wife had been wanting to take me here, for oh, 5 years. Finally had a chance to dine at this little gem. What can I say, drinks were yummy and the pizza delicious! Frankly, they have great pizza. And I know you maye say "all pizza is good". But if your from the north where good pizza is taken seriously and everyone knows not all pizza is made equally, as a native northerner, I can confirm, this is good pizza.

Tamara Maillet
October 21, 2021

Delicious as Always! I love this restaurant! (Did you know they started the Cane Russo Rescue for pups too, that's a win win in my book!) We went this past Sunday right when they opened. It was a beautiful day, so we ate outside. Super friendly waitress, pizza was out fast, hot, and fresh from the oven. This is not your typical 'pizza chain' type pizza... this is much, much better. You can tell by the way it is cooked and the incredients used. It just taste better. Great for kids and adults; the kids menu is ridiculously low priced, especially for the size and quality you get! I highly recommend you go there after an Arboretum Visit. (If you dine outdoors and sit under a tree...beware of the squirrels who sometimes drop nuts on your head from above, they have decent aim, ha ha).

Kyle Smith
September 23, 2021

Was in from Austin and met a colleague here for lunch. Fantastic food and vibe. Had the pizza/salad combo and would highly recommend both. Also thanks to Victoria for being such a friendly and attentive hostess and waitress. I will visit here again my next trip to dallas for sure.

Jose Castro-Frenzel
December 26, 2021

Cane Rosso publicly using the “f word” to express their frustrations about customers who call in orders and don’t pick them up. So unprofessional I will never go back. The service has already started going downhill and you can see how they stand behind using that language. The guy who handles the marketing should be removed, such arrogance . ( just my opinion or at least trained with some Dale Carnegie principles) Since the owner and marketing manager share the same views let me clarify this and make this more clear. First and foremost you should never post a client's name publicly. Secondly, using derogatory words towards your client base is appalling. Even when I brought this it your attention you made no apology or did anything to rectify the situation. Furthermore, you added fuel to the fire by ridiculing what I said and said " I love F bombs and will use them again." I challenge you to continue to use these words. There is enough negativity in society, we do not NEED more from Cane Rosso or their marketing dept. To the owner, I have no desire to have anyone fired. I am simply stating that you should have people that improve your brand not hurt it. I am surprised however, as one can clearly read from the owner he is super defensive and offered no apology. Just sarcasm and more ridicule. Similar to the marketing manager. This all makes sense now. I have been dining here for years and bring many friends to dine here when they come in town. Sadly, I will no longer be coming to any of these restaurants. A simple apology goes a long way. I had many back and forth conversations with the marketing manager and he/she made no effort to smooth things over. I posted a screenshot so people can see the truth.

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7328 Gaston Ave #100, Dallas, TX 75214, USA

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