Pinto Urban Thai Diner

3000 Northside Blvd #400, Richardson, TX 75080, USA
Emily Lee
August 06, 2020

I was a big fan of Pinto's food and would come here quite often since it was nearby. However, the last few times I have came here, the food experience was horrible. I have a very low spice tolerance, so I ordered my food at a spice level of 2, which is the spice level I always order when I come here, but once I got home and started to eat, I could not handle the spice. It tastes like the spice level was a few levels higher than what I asked for and it definitely did not taste like a spice level of 2. This was very, very disappointing because it is a place where the spice level was a choice, but when I got my food, I felt as if they ignored my choice in spice level. Regardless, I decided to give the benefit of the doubt to Pinto and went again. Nonetheless, there was the same occurrence in regards to spice level and my stomach was in pain after eating here. After two bad instances in a row regarding the same issue, I decided I could not take it anymore. I felt as if I had no choices in the food I ordered and payed for from here.

Fa Rahotan
September 04, 2020

I am not usually the one to leave a review for a restaurant but this experience was not pleasant at all. I have gone here in the past a couple of times and the food was okay. But this time made me a little upset. I was very excited to try this dish , thai style chicken basil. I had ordered the dish togo. So when i got back home and opened up my food i was highly upset at what i was looking at. I am Thai, so i know for a fact this basil dish is a stir fry there fore the end result of this dish should be dry with slight juice. But what was in the bowl seemed like a soup?? there was so much liquid, almost filling up the bowl, covering most of the bits and pieces of chicken. the fried egg was also very soggy , seemed like it has been sitting out for hours, and it was overly seasoned with black pepper on top. Although the taste was not bad the presentation of the food just made me lose my appetite.

Johnny Quid
August 14, 2018

A nice place for a quick bite. The portions are not what you may be use to in a Thai place. It might be a small portion to some, but overall the food was delicious and it filled me up. I had the pad Thai and it didn’t disappoint.

Nari Choi
February 02, 2020

I've ordered thai delivery from pretty much all the locations in Richardson & Plano and this place is the best!! Their spice level is actually legit. I normally get 4-5 stars at most thai places..I get 3-4 here. Everything I've tried is good. Portions are generous and prices are cheap too!

May 31, 2019

Not a good experience. I love asian cuisines and have been to a lot of Thai places. This one did not feel even close to authentic. The soups are almost like water+chilly oil. To would have been less than 3 stars for me, but the Papaya salad was decent.

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3000 Northside Blvd #400, Richardson, TX 75080, USA

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